Welcome to Svendsen Tech

Svendsen Tech is a company based in Norway, managed by Joakim Borger Svendsen.

Link to official Norwegian government company registry documentation here.

Official organization number: 895 787 442.


This is the main web site. It's related to what I've been doing for a living for the last two decades of my life: computer technology. It has a particular focus on the automation tool and framework that's called PowerShell. I use the associated scripting language for "everything", it's my current go to language after it pushed Perl out of its place almost a decade ago now. There are also some articles about random topics, such as finance.

This "how many carbs" site is about nutrition data. A more recent interest of mine is health and fitness. It traces back to this site from 2012-2013 originally, but was put on pause for years after. Now, at the time of writing in the year 2020, you get most nutrition data directly from search engines such as Google, so traffic has dropped dramatically, but it's still there if/when needed along with its many competitors.

This is a pretty failed attempt at creating a web version of the PowerShell help files. Mind you, it only took weeks after I dumped this on the web, being a member of the PowerShell community at the time and spreading it there, before Microsoft released their new version of the PowerShell help which bears some resemblance. It was tremendously useful when I initially put it up. Still not "useless", but I don't maintain this much anymore. Static HTML only except for Google's search and ads.

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